I would like to introduce you to a wonderful product: Pallet wrap as a packing tool. As many of you know, I’ve been participating in quite a bit of moving during the last months. Moving myself, and the majority of my friends has taken up several weekends, lots of hours, and more than a few beers.

We’ve had U-hauls, falls, lifting, straining, carrying, and maneuvering a-plenty. One thing stood out, though that may revolutionize the way I pack and move. While renting a U-haul in Charleston, NC we saw this innocent-looking roll of plastic on a spool and thought, “why not, its only five bucks.” This would turn out to be the purchase of the century!This product is like a roll of plastic wrap (Sran wrap, Cling wrap, Glad wrap, etc… the stuff you use to cover half-eaten potato salad or wrap chicken before freezing it). But instead of being in the usual kitchen-drawer sized box, this bad boy is on a spool with an easy-grip plastic handle and wrapped up thick (about 10 in. [25 cm])! Now anyone can see the utility of this immediately. “Oh, I can wrap up drawers so they don’t come out…” Sure. In fact that’s a great use. But what *isn’t* immediately apparent is that this stuff has a million uses!

We used it for wrapping drawers, wrapping beds to comforters, wrapping AV equipment together, wrapping computer wires, wrapping up an elliptical so it wouldn’t bang around, wrapping tools together, wrapping books together, wrapping the cat up… um yeah, sorry about that, cat… Basically, everything could use a little wrapping to make it easier to carry and move. (or in the case of the cat, to make it a little more pissed off and hilarious.)

What really amazed me though, and inspired me to write this was last night when I drove across Atlanta with a mattress and a box spring held to the top of my car using *only*… you guessed it, plastic wrap! This stuff is so strong that it required nothing else to keep those bad-boys on the top of my car even at 55mph!

So, the moral of this story: Next time you’re moving, get the spool of plastic wrap. (In fact, go get some right now… you’ll use it before your next move.)

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