I’ve been working lots this past week… You could say I’m working too much because I’m choosing to work on research rather than do homework and write papers for my classes… oops! Anyway, the object of my obsession is some cool new visual tracking algorithms. I’ve been terribly remiss in putting up some details on my projects page, but in the mean time I’ll taunt my internet audience with some results I presented to my group at a meeting this Thursday: enjoy!

These are some people walking around outside my office.

Don’t know much about this video, but I’ll bet those are cars.

They were all tracked with a technique called “Kernel Tracking.” I can get these results pretty fast (real-time). Right now I’m working on some even cooler stuff with “Particle Filters.” More coming soon.

One thought on “Tracking Bonanza

  1. very cool and usefull stuff. im doing the projects of the same kind. i will be grateful to u to have such knowledge. please send me this source code to track the multiple moving objects(tracked cars and people) to my email ram88_india@rediffmail.com. awaiting for your response. pleaseeeee

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