My newest research focus has moved away from medical images and towards moving images… And instead of finding organs and tumors, I’m tracking moving objects in the videos. Check out some of my latest successes (and failures).


So, I’ve said before that Computer Vision is teaching computers to understand images.  Well, I’m currently working on a slightly new problem.  Now I’m trying to teach computers to understand movies!

The idea in most visual tracking is: given the location of an object in the first frame of the movie, follow it through the whole video.


This has lots of applications.  Many of them are defense-related, but tracking is also very important in medicine, security, robotics, manufacturing, exploration, etc. etc…

How it works

Yikes! I’m pretty busy learning about that right now, but I plan to put some tutorials and source code here soon.  In the meantime, feel free to email me.


Ahhh, here’s the good part!  Videos!  What you see here are black and white videos of either cars or people.  The colored boxes represent where the computer has determined the "targets" to be.  You can see that the boxes follow the "targets" as they move around in the scene.


I hope you liked these results… There will be lots more to come soon, as this is my new primary research focus.

8 thoughts on “Visual Tracking

  1. I amI appreciate very much your video tracking research results, the possibility of your procedures Let me reference Thank you,

  2. Hi there, i was just wondering, what happens when one targe “overlaps” / “walk over” another target, will it be able to differenciate one target from another?


  3. Hi Aiman. These are old results, but with this system, if two people occluded (overlapped) the tracker might fail. In newer systems, I use filtering, kinematic models, and better target descirptors to maintain track (and reacquire targets) even when they become invisible for a while. Hopefully I’ll have a new post about this soon.

  4. hi,
    it is very good work.
    can you tell me how the movement of moving pixel is detected in each frame of video ?
    when possible then send me sample code in matlab.

  5. hi
    i am very intersting in this project.
    now i have to do project in the differnte bitween active contour snake , GVF ,and VEF
    i want help me to do this project

    thank you

  6. Hi Shawn, i am looking forward for further development of your codes.
    You seem to share your knowledge with people, thats great.
    I have added your website into my favourites folder as a point
    of reference for my basic robot that im building. Enjoyed the video

    Many Thanks

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