I have spent some time researching startup companies involved in computer vision. This has largely been in an effort to understand the marketability of computer vision research (which I spend much of my time learning about and contributing to). In this post, you’ll find a list of some notable companies. Let me know if you know of some other good ones. (Of course this doesn’t include the big, big companies like Siemens, GE, Phillips, and HP that are working on medical image processing every day!

If you’re not quite sure what computer vision is, check this post.

Object Video

(Surveillance systems embedded in hardware)

These guys seem to have video surveillance all wrapped up! They have a host of claims on their website (who knows how many are true). But ObjectVideo is definitely a leader in the field, and understands the possibilities offered by computer vision’s inclusion into surveillance hardware. (no videos)


(Surveillance tracking for in-store operations)

IntelliVid Seems to be after a portion of the market ObjectVideo is reaching out to. They go after retail stores claiming to be able to prevent theft and track customers in order to understand their behavior and responses to marketing campaigns. (no videos)

Organic Motion

(3D Motion capture without markers)

If you’ve seen a ‘making of’ show about a movie or video game lately you’ve seen people dressed in skin-tight suits possibly with shiny reflectors all over it. These are used to help computer vision systems translate what they see into moving 3D models of the person. The folks at Organic Motion figured out a way to do this with cameras only, and the results look pretty impressive. (video on the main page)

Tangam Gaming

(Tracking of cards and chips for use in casino security)

This is one of those, ‘why didn’t I think of this’ ideas. By tracking playing cards and chips on dealers’ tables and identifying what is what, this company aims to help casinos catch cheaters and accidents that could be costing them money. Everyone knows casinos will pay big bucks for that! (cool demo video)


(Stereo vision systems for prototyping)

TYZX provides out-of-the-box stereo vision systems (using two cameras like two eyes to see in 3D) for engineers to incorporate into other devices. They seem to have customers from automotive, robotics, security, and consumer electronics industries. (no video)

imagineer systems

(Vision-aided video processing and effects)

By using video tracking, 2D image analysis, and all sorts of other computer vision algorithms, imagineer systems makes end user application software that does some pretty awesome video editing effects. (videos here and here)


(Image registration technology)

DualAlign seems to be making a business around image registration only. Lining up two image is certainly important, but its rare to see such a pure ‘computer vision problem’ as the basis for a company.


(Visual-similarity-based store)

At first glance, this looks like an online clothes store. However, their innovation is that they allow users to search by ‘what something looks like’ rather than categorical data such as ‘long sleeve shirts’ or ‘dress boots.’ So if you like how it looks, click it and see what else might look good to you.


(Wrap computer vision into biology equipment)

These guys have embedded computer vision to combine the acquisition and analysis of biology-related image such as microscope pictures of cells. (no videos)

That’s all for this post. Expect another post about interesting research in the field as well. Here is a great resource which I’ve found, but not explored fully: Computer Vision Links

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  1. Hi,

    I worked for while in Imagemetry which is a startup in Prague, Czech Republic. They are developing unique image forensics and image forgery detection software. Also they have some dental systems etc.

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