I’ve taken to writing all of my homework assignments for my (few remaining) classes in LaTeX, the markup language used by many to typeset scientific papers, theses, books, slides, posters, etc.

Why go through all this hassle for homeworks? Using LaTeX for homeworks
allows you to do lots of nice things like:

  • Have your work neatly typeset
  • Impress your professors who might recognize the fonts
  • Include equations easily
  • Put math right in the text
  • Not ever have to mess with MS Word

Being able to include equations is especially nice. When I do math
homeworks I often find it simpler to do derivations in LaTeX rather than
scratching them out on the backs of poorly written papers. If I make a
mistake somewhere, I can quickly change all down-line equations with a
find-replace procedure instead of having to re-write or cross out large blocks
of scribbles.

The template I use is mostly the same for every class. Sometimes I add or
remove things for specific courses to make the professors happy. I’ve posted
that basic template below. Enjoy, and let me know if you if you make any


One thought on “LaTeX Template for Homeworks

  1. Thank you for sharing your hard work. It really helps us Grad Students get ahead of the power curve.
    J. Best

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