LaTeX (pronounced lah-tech) is a powerful tool for creating beautiful documents. This post covers a workshop I gave recently introducing LaTeX to some curious graduate students. The materials here show some of the features and walk new users through the basics of using LaTeX.

This would make a nice tutorial for others trying to teach LaTeX as well as enterprising students trying to find a quick way to jump in and start using it. The workshop I taught was part of a class put on by the Georgia Tech Library. I will teach a second class on Dec. 1, 2008. Much of the work in creating these examples was done by David Reid and adopted (slightly) by me.

I began the class with this presentation:

LaTeX Introduction Presentation

This covers what LaTeX is, why it’s useful, and walks the class through the setup of the integrated TeX editor use used, TeXnicCenter. This talk also introduces the examples covered during the workshop. Below is a link to the example files used.

LaTeX Workshop Files

I walked the class through each of the files, explaining peculiarities and pointing out the differences between commands, environments, etc. The workshop finished with a quick summary of some of the other uses of LaTeX including making slides and posters. I also provided links to these very useful resources:

David’s Slideshow
The Not So Short Guide to LaTeX2e

I may try to tape-record the next class and post the video here for anyone interested in watching.

2 thoughts on “LaTeX Intro Workshop

  1. Nice resources! I finally after all your help produced my first paper, or essay, rather, using LaTeX. It was just great. I especially like to comment-out incomplete thoughts or sentences in the .tex file. They don’t show, but they’re there to keep all my ideas organized and in the same file.

    Also, the library rents out very nice video cameras, but there is typically a wait. You could probably get Joel (multimedia desk) to save you one for your next seminar.

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