The “LaTeX Intro Workshop” was such a big hit that I was asked to do an advanced workshop as a follow up.


I will cover these main topics:

  • LaTeX Basics
  • GT Thesis Writing
  • Useful packages
  • BibTeX bibliographies
  • Advanced figure tutorial
  • Beamer slides presentation tutorial
  • Beamer poster tutorial

While there is certainly enough minutia within LaTeX to keep someone busy forever trying to learn it all, I decided to focus on some of the bigger-picture topics that might benefit everyone. After all, there’s always google to answer those little specific questions.

Here are the files for the tutorial that will be covered during the talk:

This zip file holds three different tutorials. The first is a tutorial on creating beautiful figures. The second is on creating slideshows in beamer. The third is a short intro to making posters in beamer.

This tutorial will be performed LIVE on March 26th at 3pm in the Homer Rice Instructional Center in the Georgia Tech Library.

4 thoughts on “Advanced LaTeX Workshop

  1. Thanks for teaching this class. I was familiar with most of the first half since I already wrote my thesis, so I was excited to see you cover Beamer–something I’ve been meaning to learn about for a while.

  2. I would like to say thank you for the lecture yesterday. It was so helpful and cleared many ambiguities for me.

  3. is there something wrong with the zip archive, as i cannot open it with the zip commandline program on ubuntu.

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