Who knew I spent so much time staring at walls… I now use that time to read articles, papers, reports, and more! Instapaper helped me find HOURS per week in my already jam-packed that I can spend reading.

Instapaper is a “read later” service that has changed my life. It allows you to easily capture content from multiple sources and store it in the cloud so you can consume it at your leisure.

Simply click, “read later” across Instapaper’s many incarnations and the service comes through the internet to capture text and images from an article. That content is now available to read whenever and wherever you have some free-time.

It’s a ubiquitous and beautiful reading experience that I never knew I needed.

  • You’ll find new time in your day
  • It goes where you go

Read on to find out more, and check it out at instapaper.com.

You’ll find new time in your day

Like I said… HOURS per week – and I’m smarter, more amused, better informed as a result.

On the subway I pop open my phone and read an article or two from McKinsey Quarterly, WSJ, or the Times on the way to work so I can say smart things to clients.

Standing in lines or on the way home is a great time to catch up on articles from twitter, friends blogs, or the latest angst from href=”http://thoughtcatalog.com/”>Though Catalog.

Waiting for friends is still a great time for facebook and texting, but once that’s done… Instapaper! When waiting on chronically late comrades, I get way ahead of my intellectual article quota and have something interesting to talk about.

It goes where you go

On my iPhone, on my Kindle, and in my browswer… Instapaper is there, which means I never miss an opportunity to capture content or read it.

On my iPhone/iPad I have the Instapaper app, which lets me capture content from twitter, tumblr, and email by sending it right to the app. A simple copy-paste allows the phone to capture links and save them for later. Also, since the iPhone is always in my pocket, I can always squeeze in a quick read. (I don’t actually have an iPad -yet- but I imagine this still holds true)

On my Kindle. Instapaper sends daily updates of your “read later” queue to your Kindle. These articles arrive as a ‘periodical’ so they are easy to navigate… This allows me to catch up on articles from all-over within Kindle’s delightful reading experience.

In my browswer. The plug-ins available for browsers allow you to capture content from any website (including Google Reader, twitter, news sites, etc.) with a simple click. You can also navigate to Instapaper.com to read articles you’ve captured. The simple interface is charmingly devoid of ads and on-screen distractions.

Competitors and other uses?

I realize that Instapaper isn’t the only app like this. ReadItLater, Spool, Reading List, etc. all offer similar functionality. Do y’all have ideas about which is better or why I should switch? How about other ways to use Instapaper? Leave it in the comments!

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