“Do you mind if I plug in for a sec?”
“Seriously? Only one plug in this room?!”
“Damn, I have to go buy another adapter”

Anyone who travels and uses electronics has said these phrases more than once. I say them less often since I started travelling with a power strip. Just a little one, but it does the trick and helps in 3 ways:

  • Creates values in airports in cafes
  • Simplifies the hotel-room hunt
  • Lets you take one adapter aborad

Create value in airports and cafes

Do you want to be a hero or a nuisance? When all the plugs are full, you’ll have to ask someone to let you plug in. As a non-stripper, you’re asking for the other person to give up their plug. As a power-stripper, you’re a hero! You plug in, they plug in, and there’s an open plug so you can make a stranger’s day.

Simplify the hotel-room hunt

My hotel room unpack ritual involves finding a plug for at least two phones and a laptop (and sometimes and iPad and a kindle and a camera… you get it). Some hotels have a zillion plugs and/or chargers already present (way to go W Hotels!), but some have 1 or 2 lonely plugs inconveniently located in bathrooms or behind cabinets. The power strip triples the number of plugs and lets you plug everything in in the same place! Hunt over… wake up recharged.

Only take one adapter abroad

I’m a pro at forgetting the appropriate international converter, so I keep one of each with me at all times. The strip means 1 is all I need! Not to mention that the one-plug-per-room problem is much worse overseas.

So go get a strip

I like this Monster Strip (4 plugs and pretty small). The only issue is the bright blue light. A little piece of tape solves that. I’ve also used a simpler (smaller) 3-way splitter. Gets the job done, although big wall-wart-type chargers are hard to fit!

Feel free to share any other travel tips that will save me time!

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