Below is a quick overview of the content you’ll find on this site as well as a “best of” to help you get started.

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  • Business musings

    • Marketing metrics how-to – A bold aspiration of what constitutes “marketing metrics” and details of what to track (and how) so you can get a granular view of a business’s go-to-market effectiveness and efficiency.
    • Tactics for short classes – 5 tactics to follow to ensure short classes actually succeed in teaching something (from academics to skillbuilding to training). Check it out before you plan your next class!

    Cool projects

    • Localized active contours – The major theme of my PhD research focused on combining “local” image information with “global” information about the shape of an object to perform tasks that other algorithms couldn’t
    • Sparse field active contours – An implementation of level sets that allows active contour algorithms to run dramatically faster than in standard implementations. Includes sample code and detailed descriptions.
    • Tracking through scale – “Visual tracking” consists of finding an object continiously in a video sequence. Many techniques do this well when the object looks similar from frame to frame. When massive scale changes occur, new techniques are called for.
    • 3D vision using stereo cameras – People can see in 3D because of “stereo vision” i.e., you have two eyes. This article discusses how this works and provides codes to quickly implement stereo vision for a variety of applications.

    Most popular

    • A PhD’s guide to getting a consulting job – This is the intro to a 3-part series that I wrote after going through consulting interviews and landing a job with McKinsey back in 2009. I later learned much more about the interview process, but I thik this guide still holds up.
    • MEX, C++, and Matlab – This is a short tutorial on MEX, an interface that allows Matlab (a popular interpreted programming language) to run compiled C++ binaries for dramatically faster operation.
    • Using Beamer and LaTeX to emulate Keynote – This post gained a lot of popularity with PhDs and academics wthat want the power of LaTeX for mathematical typsetting and the beauty of Keynote (Apple’s presentation tool). If you need academic presentations that go out in public, check this out.


    • B2B sales disruption using B2C tactics – (published in Forbes) Describes how business-to-business (B2B) companies can learn from business-to-consumer (B2C) companies to reduce customer acquisition costs and speed up growth.
    • PhD Thesis Overview – This video of my PhD proposal (6 months prior to the thesis defense) shows many of the mathematical concepts, applications,
      and experiments that were included in my dissertation.
    • Patent for MRI lesion segmeantion – When I was working at Siemens Corporate Research, I was part of a team that designed novel technology to detect and segment cancerous legions in full-body MRI scans. This technology was patented in 2012.
    • Additional publications – Check here for a full list of publications along with bibTeX information and links to associated papers, slides, etc.