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Advanced LaTeX Workshop

March 12th, 2009 4 comments

The “LaTeX Intro Workshop” was such a big hit that I was asked to do an advanced workshop as a follow up.


I will cover these main topics:

  • LaTeX Basics
  • GT Thesis Writing
  • Useful packages
  • BibTeX bibliographies
  • Advanced figure tutorial
  • Beamer slides presentation tutorial
  • Beamer poster tutorial

While there is certainly enough minutia within LaTeX to keep someone busy forever trying to learn it all, I decided to focus on some of the bigger-picture topics that might benefit everyone. After all, there’s always google to answer those little specific questions.

Here are the files for the tutorial that will be covered during the talk:

This zip file holds three different tutorials. The first is a tutorial on creating beautiful figures. The second is on creating slideshows in beamer. The third is a short intro to making posters in beamer.

This tutorial will be performed LIVE on March 26th at 3pm in the Homer Rice Instructional Center in the Georgia Tech Library.

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LaTeX Beamer Poster Theme and Template

June 18th, 2008 11 comments

Some background: LaTeX is a typesetting tool used to layout documents. Beamer is a package for LaTeX that helps make nice looking slides and posters. Recently Philippe Dreuw devised a very nice way to make really slick posters using LaTeX and Beamer. These posters are a great way to demonstrate your work at presentations and conferences.

I’ve been making posters this way sine my friend introduced me to them. He and I spent time figuring things out, and I wanted to share! Below you’ll find a simple to use template for making posters as well as examples and some how-to’s that will help you make posters like this one I made for an up-coming conference in Alaska!

LaTeX Poster
[pdf of this poster]

First, you’ll need to install LaTeX and the Beamer class. Next, download the zip file below which has some style files as well as a sample tex file.

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Beamer and Latex With Keynote Theme

February 15th, 2008 49 comments

LaTeX is a typsetting system that allows you to make great-looking documents, and is well-used to make academic papers. I even use it for homeworks and other documents. There are also packages that allow it to make fantastic posters and slide presentations as well. I spent the last few days getting caught up on this, and want to share what I’ve figured out:

  • A sexy Beamer theme that looks like Keynote
  • How to format the footer
  • How to make slide numbers
  • How to remove the navigation symbols
  • How to make movies show up in presentations
  • The best references

I’ll talk about each of these briefly and give links to download a demo presentation and the .tex and .sty files that made it. Here’s a sneak peek of what it looks like!

keynote beamer presentation

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