Don’t Look at Ads!

I fell like this should be known to everyone by now, but every once in a while I see an otherwise clever person looking at internet ads! I hate to tell you guys… that’s sooooo 2005.

In fact, I haven’t seen an internet ad in years. Who do I thank? Adblock Plus. This is a Firefox plugin, so if you’re using Firefox (which you should be)… you can be ad-free just moments after clicking here (to get Adblock) and then here (to get the set of filters).

Adobe be Gone!

I have officially banished Adobe’s “Acrobat” line from my computer. I’ve never really liked Acrobat reader (it always loads slow), but version 8 pushed me over the edge. It was so slow that it was making me crazy… even after it loaded! Also, Adobe has that whole annoying “you should pay for me” attitude for their pdf writer software. Puh-leese! That was so 90’s…

So I did a little online research and have found a new suite of pdf tools that I love…

These two together accomplish everything I need (for free) and they are both super-fast. What could be better?

Ear Plugs

As much as I like to be distracted… sometimes it’s necessary to get. things. done. When that time comes it has always been a battle for me. Well, no longer my friends! I discovered a technological tool that has been around for a long, long time.You guessed it, ear plugs! Now I had seen these before, even used them on airplanes, or for sleeping though construction. Now in these cases, ear plugs don’t work. You can still hear the hammers, and you can still hear the airplane engines… What I didn’t realize is that you *can not* hear your lab-mates talking behind you.It is incredible how well this works. I actually was about to take my earplugs out because I thought everyone talking in my office had left. Just before I did, I turned around and, to my great surprise! Everyone was still there just jib-jabbin’ away. It was completely silent to me and I continued my much-needed productivity.

Also, people tend not to bug you for unnecessary stuff if you’ve got little orange guys sticking out of your ears!