Corn Bread and Banana Nut Bread

Corn bread and banana-nut bread are two of life’s little wonders. They are extremely delicious, and mostly healthy. These two have always been favorites of mine, and since I’ve switched up my eating habits I cook them quite often. In the last week, I made both of these delicacies, and wanted to share my recipes. I base these loosely off of the ones found on

(not actually my banana nut bread)
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Chickpea Salad

In my new digs in Atlanta I’ve been doing some serious cooking. Two of my five new roommates (Ryan and Matt) are both great cooks, and are happy to contribute to and consume my healthy meals. This brings the experience to a whole new social level that I got only sporadically before. As a result of these new circumstances, I’ve decided to periodically post recipes that I find particularly delicious.

This is not the most dynamite recipe to start with… actually its one that I threw together very very quickly this morning before running off to class. BUT It was delicious, and I plan to make it again. (sorry no picture of this bad-boy, I already ate it : ) yum.)

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