Get rid of fruit flies with 2 simple steps

…or, “how I consistently defeat fruit fly armies”

I came home from a weekend trip to Atlanta to find my apartment swarming with fruit flies. Luckily, I’ve done battle with these little bastards before… (I keep fresh fruit and don’t spend much time at home) By the next morning all the fruit flies were gone. Here’s how I did it.

  1. Build the trap
  2. Hide the prize

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Bang Bang Brussels Sprouts

Even people who “hate” brussels sprouts love this dish! So get ready… Roasting is a wonderful way to cook veggies, and brussels sprouts are no exception. They taste like spicy potato chips, and they’re so good for you that your mother will approve!

It takes some time, but these sprouts are well-worth it. They will fill you up and make you say “wow” with every bite.

finished bang bang brussels sprouts

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Zucchini Stuffed Zucchini

I love zucchini, and I usually just slice it up and stir-fry it with some soy sauce and red pepper flakes (which is delicious!). Yesterday, I decided to get fancy and make something worth showing off… zucchini-stuffed-zucchini. It turned out great! The filling is rich and hearty, and when it is paired with the roasted zucchini shell the taste is savory and refreshing.

Zucchini Stuffed Zucchini

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6 Tricks for Healthy Eating

This was a guest post for my uncle’s site, Healthy Eating Healthy World. Enjoy!

I’ve been eating a mostly plant-based diet since 2006. When I first got started, I faced personal and social barriers. However, by taking a few conscious steps, I was able to break them down and really improve my eating habits! Knowing the truth about nutrition, understanding the benefits of a plant-based diet, and committing to a change are all important, but actually revamping my lifestyle was a daunting task. Here are 6 tricks that I used.

  • Think Long-term
  • Add Some Extra Steps
  • Keep the Good Stuff Nearby
  • Surround Yourself
  • Embrace Frugality
  • Get Accountable

By thinking long-term about rewards and taking steps to preempt myself from falling into old eating habits I was able to leap feet-first into a new way of eating that has improved my life immeasurably. Continue reading “6 Tricks for Healthy Eating”

Tasty Tofu Spread

A tasty spread is great to have on hand. I use it on sandwiches and wraps or as a dip for veggies and chips. It has a great creamy consistency, but its all vegan and low fat! This is my favorite way to use tofu. Here is a picture of the spread in action on a tasty wrap (instructions for the wrap are included!).

I show one version of this spread, but it’s very versatile and can seasoned any way you like. Read on for the full recipe! Continue reading “Tasty Tofu Spread”

Baked Beets with Curry Sauce

I have been a big beet fan for some time now, and I enjoy turning others on to the magic of beets. (For more on this, read “Jitterbug Perfume“). I usually stir-fry beets and it turns out nice, but I recently heard of baking them. This sounded like a great low-hassle way of preparing these voluptuous, vibrant roots.

Baked Beets with Curry Sauce

Sure enough, this turned out to be easy and delicious! This is far and away my new favorite beet recipe, and will be a good introductory dish to convert non-beet-eaters. Give it a try (and look below for baking instructions). As usual, this is 100% vegan and tasty-tasty-tasty. Happy pink pooping! Continue reading “Baked Beets with Curry Sauce”

5 Minute Cranberry Sauce

Even though I try to eat vegan most of the time, I just can’t help but eat turkey on Thanksgiving… and the next day. But, although we had turkey leftovers, we didn’t have any cranberry sauce leftovers when I went to make my mom’s famous turkey and cranberry sauce sandwiches. So, I whipped this stuff up in 5 minutes and it was as good as if you made it on the stove for hours and hours… here’s what I did:

Cranberry Sauce
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Ginger-Garlic-Walnut-Soy Veggies

This is one of three recipes that I made this Thanksgiving weekend… Expect “5 minute Cranberry Sauce” and “Hummaganoushus” soon. This particular recipe, though, is a good one that I actually made up last Thanksgiving. This is a great general-purpose sauce that is full of flavor and will add zing to anything you put it on. I of course usually put it on veggies : ) Continue reading “Ginger-Garlic-Walnut-Soy Veggies”