Tracking Through Changes in Scale

I will be presenting “Tracking Through Changes in Scale” at the International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) in San Diego in October, 2008. This tracker uses a two-phase template matching algorithm in conjunction with a novel template update scheme to keep track of objects as their appearance and size changes drastically over the course of a video sequence.

The pdf, presentation material, and citation information will be available on the publications page after the conference. Below are videos of the experiments shown in the paper:

LEAVES Sequence (High Resolution Download – 11.2Mb)

VEHICLE Sequence (High Resolution Download – 34.8Mb)

BOAT Sequence (Hi Resolution Download – 2.34Mb)

Brain Science and Computer Vision

Everyone talks about like the brain like its a computer. Well, in some ways its similar. There are nerve cells that act like “wires” and run from one part of the brain to another. With the advent of a new kind of medical imaging technology called “Diffusion Weighted MRI” (DW-MRI), it is possible to find these wires using computer vision. Many people claim that it is important to find whole bundles of these wires in addition to the individual wires.

Recently, I’ve been working on a way to do this using partial differential equations (PDEs). Below you can see some of the results. First, thin white tubes are shown. These represent a single “wires” called fibers. From these single fibers, we determine the boundary of the whole bundle. We then show this as thick yellow tubes.

By studying the shape and size of these bundles, doctors may be able to detect mental illness early and improve the understanding of the brain! Hopefully I can help by making these pretty pictures : )

Tracking Bonanza

I’ve been working lots this past week… You could say I’m working too much because I’m choosing to work on research rather than do homework and write papers for my classes… oops! Anyway, the object of my obsession is some cool new visual tracking algorithms. I’ve been terribly remiss in putting up some details on my projects page, but in the mean time I’ll taunt my internet audience with some results I presented to my group at a meeting this Thursday: enjoy!

These are some people walking around outside my office.

Don’t know much about this video, but I’ll bet those are cars.

They were all tracked with a technique called “Kernel Tracking.” I can get these results pretty fast (real-time). Right now I’m working on some even cooler stuff with “Particle Filters.” More coming soon.